MakerCase 2019 is a clean-slate refresh to Makercase, a single page application for generating laser cut box designs.

The original site had hard-coded box geometry and kerf correction. This made it difficult to implement widely requested features, such as open top boxes and different box shapes.

MakerCase 2019 is designed with a modular architecture to allow for different box geometries and rapid development of other types of design generators. Additionally, MakerCase 2019 is built with more recent frameworks and build tools, like Vue.js and Webpack.

MakerCase interface
MakerCase export interface
T-slot box detail

The user provides MakerCase with the desired dimensions and material thickness, and the app automatically generates an interactive three-dimensional model of the box design.

MakerCase creates open and closed boxes with interlocking dovetail edges or slots for retaining nuts and bolts. For laser cutting, MakerCase can compensate for the beam width of the laser. MakerCase can also add dogbone fillets to support CNC routers. MakerCase outputs SVG and DXF files that can be sent directly to a laser cutter or CNC router.

T-slot box detail
Box design with dogbone fillets